Verify your Wood Trade Centre account

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Verify your Wood Trade Centre account

Dear customer.

To verify your account, use your email when registering, please follow this short guide. Login to the registration email and then login to Wood Trade Centre.

1 Login

Using users according to registration

Username : according to the name when registering.
Password : a combination of numbers and upper and lower case letters is recommended.

If you forget your password, please click Forgot Password and check your email during registration. Or contact Wood Trade Centre.

Display if login is successful

2 Select the PROFILE SETTINGS menu

3 Select the VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT menu

4. Attention to whether the email is correct? automatically comes out according to registration. Then click Get verification code

5 Check your email (email during registration) and copy the code

Paste the code in the dialog box, then click Verify Now

6 Success

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