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Yogyakarta, WTC – JIFFINA 2023 has concluded with great success, marking the 7th edition of the International Trade Fair for Furniture and Craft. The event took place in the Yogyakarta Special Region from March 11 to March 14, 2023, at the renowned Jogja Expo Center (JEC), the city’s largest exhibition venue. The showcase of creativity and innovation during this edition has set the stage for an even more impressive exhibition in the future. We are thrilled to announce the upcoming 8th edition of the Jogja International Furniture and Craft Fair Indonesia, JIFFINA 2024.

This highly anticipated event aims to surpass previous achievements and establish itself as the premier furniture exhibition in Indonesia. With over 300 exhibitors hailing from Java and Bali, JIFFINA 2024 promises to unveil the latest innovations in furniture design and present the newest collections of stylish furnishing craft.

Scheduled to take place from March 2 to March 5, 2024, this “Four Days” exhibition is poised to attract over 5000 global buyers. JIFFINA 2024 will serve as a platform for these buyers to explore and engage with the craftsmanship skills, exquisite materials, and advanced designs that the Indonesian furniture industry has to offer to the international market. Anticipate significant growth at JIFFINA 2024 as it continues to showcase the harmonious blend of craftsmanship, premium materials, and cutting-edge design, reinforcing Indonesia’s position as a key player in the global furniture industry. Save the date for this unparalleled opportunity to witness the best and greatest in Indonesian furniture and craft.

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